4h installations, mixed media
studio Klaßen, St. Pauli Salon Dresden, November 2020
group /w Diana Berndt, Claudine Walther, Dina Zaitev

Studio KLaßen
/w Diana Berndt, Wiebke Breitenfeld, Charline Gdalia, Manuel Radke, Emilia Schenke, Jorinde Sturm, Karolin Wallowy, Claudine Walter, Lea Mila Weinert, Dina Zaitev, Hanna Zeyer


Constrained by corona restrictions and with the desire for a collective artistic exploration, „The Experiment“ was born. Inspired by the idea of a „locked room“, students isolated themselves in groups over a period of two and a half weeks in a space. The goal was to deal with the materials and space available. The studio split up into small groups, which worked in shifts in the room. Beforehand, rules were set up stating what was allowed to happen in the room. One material was brought in by each person participating in this experiment. Everything that the previous groups had created was allowed to be used, expanded, destroyed and edited. All this happened for a few hours a day without external influences. Spatial installations were created that were only seen by the following group and were immediately changed. Throughout the two and a half weeks there was no communication about the experiment allowed.

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