penis envy

sculpture, object, performance, masks, costume, videos
CANNYUNCANNY exhibition, Academy of Fine Arts Dresden, Labortheater, July 2020

performance, costume: Julia Bauer de la Gandara, Myungjin Choi, Federica Guastella, Victoria Hermsdorf, Julia Scholz, Roxanne Töpper, Wanda Traub, Dina Zaitev

masks: Dina Zaitev


These works are a confrontation with one’s own loss of orientation, with the gaze and the self. Several objects, performances and videos have been created. With an examination of Freud’s definition of the „uncanny“ and his psychoanalysis, the artist was led to his theory on eyes and the gaze of women. Men, unlike women, can see, but women are denied that view because they are present to be looked at. According to this theory women need to possess a penis to own a focused gaze in order not to lose their orientation.

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